Everyone loves a new piece of kit or training aid that improves the efficiency and fun of riding – so what could be better than an electric bike? Most of our favourite brands are now turning their hands to (legal) motorisation and it is helping get more people riding. It’s no secret that cycling culture, particularly of diehard roadies and rugged mountain-bikers, can be intimidating to newbies, even within families. Electric bikes can serve to break down barriers, helping beginners to rise to the challenge of distance and duration sooner rather than later with the help of a motor.

Electric bikes are not like motorbikes in that you can’t just hit ‘go’ and enjoy the ride without putting in any effort. You only benefit from power assistance when pushing on the pedals yourself so you can still experience the typical fitness benefits of cycling. One of the best thing about E-bikes is that they enable mixed ability riders to ride together without too much worry about being able to keep up or endure the whole ride with better riders. As you get stronger and fitter you can also reduce the amount of ‘assistance’ you get from the bike – helping you well on the way to a happier, fitter and zippier you.

At Bike Factory, we have loads of E-bikes to choose from whether you’re after off-road excitement or urban exploration, and from a host of different brands.